Suegatha Kai-Rennie

Boston University, Fredrick S. Pardee School of Global Studies.

As an immigrant to the U.S. who escaped the gruesome civil war of Liberia, Suegatha Kai-Rennie always felt the sense of responsibility to represent the best of the United States and to be a part of change in Africa. She grew up in Trenton New Jersey, where she completed high school and went on to study at Saint Peter’s University. While in college, her international study experiences incited an interest for international development issues. She joined the Peace Corps to fulfill her passion for service. She served 27 months in rural Zambia and worked on malaria prevention and reproductive health issues surrounding women and girls. She later worked with John Snow Inc., as a health logistics officer. She believes it is a blessing to receive the USAID International Development Payne Fellowship which will allow her to be a voice for the immured girls and women she came to know in Zambia.