Jonah Philipp

Jonah Philipp was born in Ohio and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He studied Secondary English Education and received his undergraduate degree from Duquesne University in May of 2021.  During his tenure with Duquesne, he served as a resident assistant on campus, volunteered as a mentor at an inner-city after-school program, and was consistently active in his campus ministry.  Immediately following graduation, Jonah completed his first long-term study abroad program in Israel-Palestine and the West Bank.  He returned from this program with a fervor for offering humanitarian aid to those in treacherous conditions.  He then began an internship with the International Republican Institute, where he worked with Civil Society in the Middle East and North Africa to sculpt an Advocacy handbook regarding anti-corruption and governance.  Seeking work experience abroad, Jonah moved to Italy and began his current job as an International Resident Director for Duquesne’s campus in Rome.  Over the course of the next year, he had the opportunity to work all throughout Italy, Ireland, the UK, and Israel-Palestine.  Jonah volunteers as an English teacher at a refugee center in Rome and seeks out the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe in his free time.  Jonah intends to obtain a master’s degree in public administration with a specialization in International Development.  He wants to thank his recommenders, friends, and family for supporting him throughout the application cycle.  Additionally, he wants to acknowledge the incredible Payne Fellowship Team and express how much their selfless dedication to the future of Payne Fellows inspires him.  Jonah is ecstatic to continue serving the Middle East and the entire globe during his tenure with USAID.