Alexis Nash

Alexis Nash is from Fayetteville, Georgia, and will graduate from the University of Georgia in May 2023 with a B.A. in International Affairs and a B.S. in Psychology.  Throughout her undergraduate career, Alexis pursued several experiences that furthered her interest in international affairs.  As a Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Scholar, she analyzed and created policy recommendations focused on global security issues, international conflict management, and foreign policy.  Through the university’s Center for the Study of Global Issues, she independently researched how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted gender-based violence in South Africa.  As a research associate for BSI America, Alexis conducted human rights-focused research and composed written content related to labor rights violations and humanitarian crises in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and other Central American countries.  Alexis’ interest in international development was sparked when

she studied abroad as a UGA Honors International Scholar in South Africa during the summer of 2022.  During her time there, she witnessed how colonialism and racism in the past contributed to the development inequality in South Africa today.  She also researched the fragility of South Africa’s energy infrastructure and how it contributes to the health and educational disparities throughout the country.  Through this opportunity, Alexis realized she wants a career dedicated to improving the political, economic, and social conditions of the international community and is honored to be able to do so through the Payne Fellowship.  In her free time, Alexis enjoys exploring the outdoors, going on road trips, and trying new restaurants.  Alexis plans to pursue a master’s degree in international development with a concentration in Sustainability, Global Health, or Human Rights to prepare for a career in the USAID Foreign Service.