Aaron Scherf

Aaron believes that improving access to information is the key to creating more inclusive and equitable societies. As an undergraduate at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, Aaron applied his skills in quantitative analysis to a number of community research projects, from urban transportation infrastructure to historic housing rehabilitation. Following a service project conducting surveys for a public housing project in Cape Town, South Africa, Aaron decided that his research efforts were needed more abroad than at home. Since then he has conducted studies on informal property markets in Rio de Janeiro, microcredit policy in South Africa, and environmental conservation in Puerto Rico.
After graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2017, Aaron was selected to continue his research work as a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, analyzing the effects of integration courses on the language acquisition and employment of asylum seekers. Aaron is currently studying for a Masters in Development Practice at the University of California, Berkeley to help prepare for his future career as a Foreign Service Officer with USAID.
Aside from economic research in international development, Aaron applies his technical skills through his social enterprise, LandLink Analytic Services, which conducts studies on urban property markets for municipal governments and nonprofit community organizations. In his free time Aaron also enjoys learning languages, discussing politics, and raising awareness on pressing social issues such as sexual assault, mental health, and gender equity.